Joint Care

Joint Care (120 Chewable Tablets) is a chewable, liver flavoured tablet which helps to maintain healthy joint environment in cats and dogs. The tablets are easy to administer; they can either be broken and mixed in with food, or simply given as a treat. Joint Care is designed to support cartilage and joint fluid in […]

Liver Care

Liver Care (120ml) provides a comprehensive formula designed to help promote normal liver function in cats and dogs. The product is easily administered alongside normal feeding, by simply applying the appropriate liquid dose to your animal’s food. Liver Care provides a formula containing B-Vitamin complex, antioxidants and lecithin, as well as Silymarin and Silybinin provided […]

No More Itch

No More Itch (200ml) is a cleansing and protective foam for use with cats and dogs. The product has an innovative composition which enhances deep cleansing and cleaning of the skin and coat and reconstitutes protective skin layers to decrease itching and irritation. No More Itch is easy to use, is absorbed easily and completely […]

Renal Care

This product helps support renal function in dogs and cats with renal insufficiency or chronic renal failure. It uses a combination of calcium salts and chitosan to bind excessive phosphate and toxins present in the gastrointestinal tract from entering the body and causing further damage to the kidney nephrons and other body tissues. Sodium bicarbonate […]

Kidney Care

Kidney Care (120ml Liquid) is a potassium support for cats, acting primarily as a kidney supplement to boost loss of critical molecules and potassium ions. The product has a palatable natural liver and bacon flavour which makes it easily accepted by most pets. Kidney Care supplements healthy kidney function through potassium dosages, as well as […]