Preventative Healthcare

We all want to keep our pets as healthy as possible. That includes protecting them from diseases and internal and external parasites which can make them extremely ill. Some of which are zoonotic and can be picked up by the human members of our family.


At Heronden Veterinary Practice, we strongly recommend regular vaccinations to prevent your pet contracting some very nasty and life threatening diseases. However, we realise that some owners have concerns regarding vaccinations, and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have and to enable us all to plan for what is in the best interest of your pet. Please feel free to call any time with any questions you may have.


The problem with parasites is there’s a lot of them! It can be really confusing as an owner to know what to do for the best for your pet. The products you need to use to protect them can vary depending on time of year and lifestyle including where you live, the local environment and where they are walked/who they play with.

We also know how important it is for owners to feel in control of the products they use and to know and trust them. We are always more than happy to give free independent advice regarding parasite control. And once we have met your pet and they have had a health check consultation, you can join our Loyalty Card Scheme.

Simply have your Loyalty Card stamped each time your make a purchase of Parasite Control products, and to thank you for your loyalty, you can have the 6thone free!

Your pet will thank you too.

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