Equine Vaccine Services

We offer Flu and Tetanus Vaccine for £40 plus a £10 visit fee.



Equine vaccinations are important to prevent your horse from contracting nasty diseases, particularly contagious diseases such as equine flu.


Influenza is a viral infection that affects the respiratory system resulting in a high fever, runny nose and coughing. Though rarely fatal, it can be a very debilitating disease. A number of outbreaks have occurred among unvaccinated animals in the UK over recent years.

Which horses need the vaccination? Every horse should be vaccinated against equine flu. It is a requirement for competition horses to have up to date protection under the rules of most governing bodies. If competing under FEI rules, horses must have been vaccinated within six months, plus up to 21 days, of a competition, but cannot have been vaccinated within seven days of arriving at a competition venue.

The initial course is started at five months of age, followed by one six weeks later then six months after that. Booster injections must be administered annually. If this booster is missed then the course will need repeating in order to be compliant with affiliated competition rules in the UK.
Only healthy horses should be vaccinated for flu. If your horse has a temperature, cough or is unwell in any way, make your vet aware before he vaccinates your horse with flu, as the vaccine could make him more ill.

Tetanus is caused by the production of endotoxins by the bacteria Clostridium tetani and is often fatal in horses. The spores of the bacteria are found in soil and enters the tissues via wounds. Deep puncture wounds are particularly dangerous as they provide an ideal site for infection.

Every horse is susceptible to tetanus due to the nature of the disease.
How often? A primary course of two vaccinations given four to six weeks apart, followed by a booster 12 months later. Subsequent vaccinations can be given at two yearly intervals. Foals will receive antibodies from their mother’s colostrum, but many are also given tetanus anti-toxin shortly after birth too. Vaccination for tetanus is usually started at five months old and is often given as a combination vaccine with equine flu.
Any other relevant info: You can get lumps or unwell horses occasionally after vaccination, but it is usually from a combined flu/tetanus vaccination rather than a sole tetanus injection.